They Lasted ALMOST a Month

Per the state of Illinois, preschools do vision and hearing screenings.  When we got a notice home saying this was happening, I didn’t think twice about it.  When I got a notice that my 3 year old failed it, I was surprised.  At first, I thought she must have failed the hearing test.  She’s constantly screaming (but that’s actually probably just for attention’s sake).  Upon re-screening, she failed the vision test a second time.  And so I went home and made the first available appointment with my eye doctor.

It had never occurred to me to put my 3 year old on my vision insurance.  Both my husband and I wear glasses, but I was 18 before I donned mine, so I thought any vision correction was a long way off.  So, $400 later, we walked out of that doctor’s office with purple eye glasses on order (any other color was a deal-breaker as far as my daughter was concerned).

Once they were in, I was shocked at how thick the lenses were.  And we’re set to revisit the doctor three months later to adjust the prescription because to put her in what she actually needed would have been to harsh an adjustment.  Needless to say, there was some major mom guilt.  How did I not notice my little darling was blind as a bat?  How do you notice something like that?  No clue.  But I’m her mom. I should have, right?  Oh well, Mom.  What’s done is done.  Shove on.  

Next hurdle?  How do you convince a just turned 4 year old who has busted quite a few pairs of princess sunglasses to take good care of her glasses?  The best damn way you can.  My husband and I began instilling in her how important it is to take care of them, clean them, take them on and off safely, put them down so the lenses don’t scratch, put them in their case when not wearing them, etc, etc, etc.  It’s been exhausting, but with my diligence (and hers), we’ve persevered.  Until today.

They Lasted ALMOST a month.

They Lasted ALMOST a month.

Accidents happen.

And today, there was an accident.

And tears.

And guilt.

And more tears.

But you know what….they were under warranty.

New glasses are on order.

Let’s hope they last more than a month.



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