All You Need Is LOVE

In addition to my Stay-At-Home Mom gig, I work a part time job, evenings and weekends. It’s retail and thus not very glamorous, but I can work when my hubby is home with the kiddos. It works. 

This evening, I called home on my break to check in.  Hubby and kiddos were having dinner with my mom and grandma. My 4 year old daughter hopped on the phone and asked if I was coming home now. 

“No, sweetheart,” I replied. “You’ll be in bed when I get home”. 

“Peeeaaaazzzzzzeeee, Momma, can you come home now?” 

She broke out the manners. She really wanted me home. 

Heart = Break

But that’s life. I went on with my work shift and she went on with her day. But when I came home, I found that after my hubby had put her to bed, she had snuck into our bed to wait for me. There she was, tiny face smooshed against my pillow, sound asleep. 

Hubby carried her to her own bed and I followed behind clutching her stack of stuffed animals (which must accompany her to bed at all times, of course). She briefly became awake and her raspy sleep voice squeaked out, “No, I have to be in Momma’s bed.”  

“Momma’s home,” Hubby told her. 

“Here I am,” I said, surrounding her with all of her stuffed friends. And you know what that little girl did? She sighed out a relieved, “Momma”, and hugged me tighter than anyone has ever hugged me in my life. Then she rolled over and fell back to sleep. 

She just wanted a hug from her mom. And her mom, in return, got to have the euphoric moment of just giving (and receiving love). No other needs needed to be met.  She wasn’t demanding food or drink like I’m a diner waitress. She didn’t need entertainment, clothing, or her butt wiped. She just needed to know I was there….that she was loved. 

And in the end, that’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it.


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