Happy F*#%ing Spring Break- We Built a Snowman

Ok, admittedly, that title is rather dramatic. I live in the Midwest. It is not at all uncommon to get a string of wonderfully beautiful spring days followed by a snowstorm in March or even April. But being the mom of two young kids, I am acutely aware of the weather. Is it an inside day/ outside day/ bundle up/ bundle down?  Our whole day generally revolves around the weather and nice weather means we walk to the park and my job as Entertainment Committee is easy that day. As an aside, I do think we parents now put entirely too much pressure on ourselves to entertain our children.  Not sure why the phrase, “Go play” should wrack us with so much guilt. 

Nevertheless, I watched out my window all morning waiting for the snow to stop, but it did not. So once it became apparent that my 2 year old boy was going to sing and pound the walls all afternoon instead of nap, I bundled up both kids and out we went. There were moments of delight like when my 4 year old laughed herself off her feet while chasing me with snowballs. And then I decided we would build a snowman. I became engrossed in the task: rolling large balls of snow, packing it down, shaping, reshaping. It was the ugliest, most pathetic snowman I’d ever seen built of fresh snow. I kind of felt bad about myself as a mother, like I’d deprived my children by making them such a dopey looking snowman for their yard.   But when you’re 2, that doesn’t matter, does it?  My son kept sticking balls of snow to our lumpy little guy and pronouncing, “ta da!!”  I still wasn’t convinced it was a win until he called the snowman Olaf, told him he was cute, and gave him warm hugs until his head popped off. 

Then we rolled up and down the hill behind our patio, and life was good.  All of the anxiety and annoyance I had felt all day watching the snow fall out my window melted away. 

Happy Spring Break. We built a snowman!!!


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